Bradycardic atrial flutter – ablation and pacemaker- what is the optimal treatment?
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Department of Pathophysiology, Wroclaw Medical University
Department of Internal Medicine and Hypertension, Wroclaw Medical University
Department of Cardiology, Wroclaw
Corresponding author
Małgorzata Poręba   

Department of Pathophysiology Marcinkowskiego 1, 50-368 Wroclaw, Poland, Fax +48 784 00 61
Ann. Acad. Med. Siles. 2009;63:82-85
We present a case of a 68-year-old man with a history of myocardial infarction, and CABG procedure in the past who experienced bradycardic atrial flutter manifested by pre-syncope events and palpitations. The patient underwent a successful procedure of a catheter RF ablation with a subsequent implantation of a DDDR pacemaker. In the article, we discuss a need for specific treatment recommendations in case of atrial flutter with slow ventricular response.
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